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Reblob: The Game

Reblob is a grid-based puzzle game for Android. The player’s task is to help the cyclops Squishy overcome obstacles in a grid-based world, therefore, the player has to turn a step backwards into a step forward and plan steps ahead.

To solve the puzzles in each level, you will need Squishy’s special ability: He is able to revive from a blue blob, which he has located somewhere on the tiles. In so doing, he overcomes obstacles like walls, portals, switches, ravenous cyclopes and the dangerous red tiles.

The Team

I’m Lena and did art direction and project management for Reblob.

I’m Hannah! I made the levels and puzzle design for Reblob.

I’m Sven and I created the in-game animations for Reblob. 

I’m Paul, I was the gameplay developer on Reblob. I also was responsible for sfx and music!